About Me

As an accomplished and enthusiastic professional with years of experience in customer relationship management and internal approval management I have much to offer. Combining business strategy with the latest technology and trends, I am skilled at devising and seamlessly directing the development of revolutionary solutions which maximize speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With an MBA in marketing and business analytics I am able to create business models that are customer specific and aligned with market offerings.

Experienced in areas spanning from graphics, marketing, and business development, I have a unique ability to define 360-degree road-maps to success. Demonstrating high attention to details and creative out of the box thinking; I am used to working in fast past environment, juggling multiple projects and collaborating with internal and external customers. With strong written and verbal communication skills I am able to convey the company message eloquently to customers and negotiate the right solution for customer needs. I am a leader that can successfully execute strategic initiatives and effective project management in both domestic and international markets.

Looking forward to working on your next project!